About ME

Who am I?

The Tucson Resurfacing Expert

A-1 Resurfacing is your best source for professional, value driven, high quality residential and commercial refinishing and resurfacing.

Since the 1990’s, A-1 Resurfacing has been delighting customers with bathroom renovation needs.

I specialize in resurfacing (refinishing) bathtubs with my proprietary process developed in the 1970’s. I have seen and handled just about everything you can think of.

Serving the Tucson area, I have become a preferred provider to homeowners with one or more tubs.

Our process saves time and money while offering a green alternative to the demolition and removal of perfectly good fixtures. My process is Federally recognized as an environmentally safe method of renovation. I can change your tub’s colors to pink, green, powder blue, white, or beige.

You can see why hundreds of satisfied customers chose to resurface instead of replacing.

I offer free estimates, so be sure to contact us if you are planning a bathroom remodel!

How I work

My documented process gets you exceptional results.

My Resurfacing Process

  • I lay out drop cloths in the work area and the hallways leading up to the work area to prevent any accidental mess
  • I remove caulk/silicon, hardware/fixtures, drain baskets and accessories
  • I apply a patented bio-degradable acid etch to prepare the surface
  • I clean, sand and repair all work surfaces
  • I hand wash and dry all work surfaces
  • I mask off all work and adjacent areas with tape, protective paper, and plastic sheeting
  • I apply a patented pre-adhesive bonding material
  • I apply a patented porcelain-based primer coat containing sealer and bonder
  • I apply multiple top coats of patented porcelain-based finish material which has the highest solids count in the industry – 92% solids
  • I thoroughly clean up the work area and remove all trash
    Surface will typically cure in 10 – 12 hours. Curing time may be chemically accelerated to about 4 hours for special needs jobs
  • I remove all masking materials and apply silicone caulk and re-install all fixtures and accessories

If you get a quote from another resurfacing company and they do not do ALL of these steps, give me a call. My 5-year warranty is standard and FREE – because my products and system are THE BEST.